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Tweens to Teens

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What is Another Way?

    • Another Way is a novel for tweens 2 teens.

      It’s not a story about vampires, villains, witches, or wizards! It’s about real life. It’s about kids and how they are making choices for themselves as they face many temptations in their everyday lives and in their relationships. And, as you read Another Way getting to know each of the characters and how each one of them makes decisions about at-risk social behaviors, Another Way gives you the opportunity to learn several important lessons about yourself! You will get to know yourself better, you will learn how to value yourself, and you will discover what you want for yourself based on your levels of readiness, not anyone else’s.

    • Another Way is a community of support and encouragement!

      There is so much peer pressure today to conform to what everyone else is doing or whatever is popular, especially with young people documenting and displaying their lives through their social networks and technological devices. If you chose not to participate or you feel you are not ready to engage in certain social behaviors, many times you risk being made fun of, or you are excluded from friendships, or even worse, you are bullied. Another Way is here to let you know that you are not alone.

      Other kids know how you feel, and they have “Liked” our Facebook page to show their support and encouragement! We look forward to seeing you there!

      • Another Way is a source of ongoing learning and of building friendships.

        How can that be? After you read Another Way, start a Book Club with a few of your friends. Because of the sensitive material covered in Another Way, it is encouraged that females and males organize separate book clubs. However, if you have a trusted adult leading the Book Club, a mixed group would also work. Please feel free to download the Sneak Peek Book Club Questions for Another Way! And, as you read Another Way, if you come up with other questions, write those down and include those in your discussions.

In your Book Club discussions…

      • Have fun as you learn more about the characters and what your friends think of the friendships, the romances, and the heartaches.
      • Also, be sure to listen and learn from one another and as you share your own experiences. As you do this, watch your friendships grow.
      • Most importantly, as you get to know what you are ready for and what you are not, continue to work on or rework your Circles or your Code of Conduct.

Remember, Another Way is about you, your worth,
and about making healthy choices based your levels of readiness! 

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