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Welcome to Another Way!  I so appreciate that you have stopped by.  I want you to know that in whatever role you might serve our youth – counselor, youth pastor, educator, mentor – Another Way is also for you. In fact, your role is critical.

What is Another Way?

  • Another Way is novel for tweens 2 teens, for parents/guardians, and for youth leaders.

    However, it is not about villains, vampires, witches, or wizards. It is a very real book. Another Way is a novel about young people engaging in at-risk social behaviors and entering into sexual relationships before they are ready.  Without judgment or condemnation, but with compassion, Another Way challenges young people’s current thinking around what is normal and wanting to fit it, and offers them a healthy path of self-discovery and empowerment. 

    How does Another Way compliment your work with youth? Another Way is an independent work. Although the content is not affiliated with any religious, political, or social organization or cause, the structure and framework in the lessons of Another Way allow for the integration and application of personalized spiritual beliefs or wellness practices. Its core message centers around the themes of readiness, individual worth, accountability, and of cognitive development.

  • Another Way is a resource tool for your organization, group, or practice.

    Based on the lessons within Another Way, a Curriculum Guide for Another Way has been designed specifically for youth pastors, counselors, or facilitators with the goal of leading group discussions similar to those in Another Way.

    After you have read Another Way, purchase and download the Curriculum Guide for Another Way: Lesson Plans for Facilitating Discussion.

    1. The Curriculum Guide will provide you with suggestions for how to start a group, including proper consent forms, if needed. 
    2. The Curriculum Guide will provide you with ideas for determining the behavioral norms of the group, inviting respectful discourse and dialogue, and suggestions for gender groupings.
    3. The Curriculum Guide will provide you with a set of lesson plans covering the concepts in Another Way with allowances for the personalization of timelines and the implementation of spiritual beliefs or wellness practices.

Youth Leaders, I invite you to become a part of this journey!  
Let’s equip and empower our children to live their lives Another Way!