Power of Worth Assemblies

Get Ready To Be EmPOWered!!

power of worth

“Students who feel a sense of self-worth are 5X more likely to be successful in school.” – Russ Quaglia & Michal Corso

“Why don’t schools take more time to find out what is going on in our hearts? That is why we can’t use our heads to learn. Thanks for speaking to my heart, Holli.”   – Lucio (LQHS Student)





  • Challenges students to respect themselves and others through an emPOWering three part process – Discovering, Defining, and Determining Their Worth.
  • Connects students to the content through the inspiring true story of former La Quinta High School student – David Miller – who left his legacy of self-worth, accountability, and responsibility in the form of a 5 Point Personal Code of Conduct.
  • Creates a Call to Action – challenging students to make a choice: Give Away Their Worth or Take Back Their Worth!

you are worth it; you matterAdditional benefits of POW Assemblies:

  • Teachers will be provided with POW Curriculum Guides containing comprehensive lesson plans.
  • Upon request, teachers and staff will be in-serviced on POW Assemblies.
  • Upon request, parents/guardians will be in-serviced as to their roles in support of POW messages and their children.
  • Tailored to fit any middle/high school schedule and class size.


Praises for POW Assemblies —


“Why don’t schools take more time to find out what is going on in our hearts? That is why we can’t use our heads to learn. Thanks for speaking to my heart, Holli.”  ~ Lucio

“I felt like Holli was talking just to me and that she understood what it is like to have two lives – a cyber life and an in-person life. I never had anyone explain it that way, as if both lives had value because they have value to me.” ~ Maria

“I understand what it means to value myself more now.” ~ Paul

“I liked hearing about the students you had. I liked seeing that they were of different races too. Even though I know those were fake pictures to keep student identity secret, I liked that you did that.” ~ Ben

 “Thanks for sharing the sad story of your prom.” ~ Martha

“Come back again!! I want my little brother to hear you when he is a freshman!” ~ Marise

 “We want her back at LQHS to teach!” ~ James


“Students, and adults alike, will come away from this experience knowing that they truly matter in the world and have incredible worth to their family, friends, school and the community as a whole. Always the consummate educator, Holli is able to hold everyone’s attention with her quiet and calm, but powerful, stage presence.” ~ Jim Duke, Librarian, La Quinta High School, La Quinta, California

“Ms. Kenley had so many of our freshman riveted to her stories as to what self-worth is, how to develop it, and its implications and impact in our lives.  Her soft spoken and heartfelt words really touched many of our students and validated who they are as emerging adults.”  ~ Mario Quintero, Teacher / Counselor, La Quinta High School, La Quinta, California

“My Success 101 students were treated to an intensive presentation by Mrs. Kenley. Many people these days dismiss adolescents as selfish and self-centered, but Holli was the opposite. They responded to her kindness. It was reassuring and it had the effect of making them lean forward to listen more closely to her soft voice, to mull over the message she brought.” ~ Rosemarie Bulik-Cheseborough, Teacher, La Quinta High School, La Quinta, California


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