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including but not limited to:

  • Unlocking Betrayal–Part One
    Breaking Through Betrayal
  • Unlocking Betrayal–Part Two
    Recovering The Peace Within
  • Unlocking The Traps of Betrayal
    Freeing Yourself from Betrayal’s Bonds
  • The Keys to Stopping Cyber Bullying
    Protection, Intervention & Prevention
  • Keys to Unlocking Relapse–Part One
    How did I get here? How do I begin again?
  • Keys to Unlocking Relapse–Part Two
    From taking a fearless inventory to finding the way back – one breath at a time.
  • Keys to Unlocking Shame in Relapse
    What is its relationship to relapse? How do we release its hold on us? How do we begin again?
  • Keys to Identifying & Cultivating Your Worth
  • Keys to Recovering from Relapse–Part One
    Redefining Relapse as an Issue of Self-Betrayal
  • Keys to Recovering from Relapse–Part Two
    Moving from Self-Betrayal to Self-Discovery



  • Cyber Bullying No More
    Empowering Keys for Parenting a High Tech Generation
  • Cyber Bullying & Bullying
    A Responsible & Restorative Response for All Audiences
  • Keys to Relevant & Responsible Parenting
    Empowering Parents with Proactive Tools & Strategies
  • The Power of Worth – Part One
    Understanding Your Worth & Changing the Direction of Your Life
  • The Power of Worth – Part Two
    YOU Have the Power to Discover, Define, & Determine Your Worth! An Empowering 3 Part Process!
  • The Power of Worth – Part Three
    Empowering Tools to Begin Again When Worth Is Betrayed or Broken
  • The David Miller Story & His 5 Point Personal Code of Conduct
    An Inspirational True Story Empowering Youth & Adults to Respect Themselves and Their Peers



Five time Peer Presenter – California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists’ Annual Conferences  (CAMFT):

  • Los Angeles, CA – 2010 – Breaking Through Betrayal
  • San Francisco, CA – 2011 – Cyber Bullying – The H1N1 of Technology: An analysis of causation and implications for intervention
  • San Diego, CA – 2012 – Triaging Cyber Bullying: Protection, Intervention, and Prevention
  • Sacramento, CA – 2013 – Couples – Reconnecting and Recovering from Sexual Abuse: Addressing the challenges of initial assessment
  • San Francisco, CA – 2015 – Recovery from Relapse: Moving From Self-Betrayal to Self-Discovery Utilizing Metaphorical Messages

Guest Presenter at CAMFT workshops throughout California

Guest appearances on the following:

  • Over 100 radio shows and podcasts
  • Sacramento’s Good Day – TV morning show
  • Morning Scramble – Prescott’s AZ TV

“Another Way” – A Powerful New Teen Novel!  – Morning Scramble TV Show with Sandy Moss  –  04/16/2015
Cyber Bullying – Let’s Wake Up To What Is Going On!  – Morning Scramble TV Show with Tonya Mock and Sandy Moss – 01/09/2014

Eighteen year clinical  member CAMFT in good standing.
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