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With technology, finding help is just a click away. However, I want to share the names and resources of a few individuals whom I trust and respect. Their work speaks for itself. And because each of these professionals cares deeply about the wellbeing of our children, their websites provide additional links and sources of support.


Cathy Taughinbaugh – Parental Recovery – Helping Parents Find Peace

Cathy Taughinbaugh is a highly respected Parent Coach, especially for parents/guardians dealing with the challenges of children struggling with addiction. However, Cathy’s website contains valuable resources and references dealing with many issues facing parents today. Cathy’s recently released From Parents to PhD’s: 28 interviews with people who share heartache, wisdom and healing… is an incredible resource of support for parents of any age. 

Jill Osborne – EdS, LPC, RPT – Helping Families Reconnect

Jill Osborne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Author who specializes in the treatment of children with traumatizing situations and disabilities. Jill’s website contains resources as well as restorative information. Jill’s book, Sam Feels Better Now , is an excellent interactive tool for children struggling with traumatic memories.  

Martine Johnson – Child & Adolescent Wellbeing Mentor

Martine Johnson is an experienced teacher and Wellbeing Mentor for children and adolescents. Martine’s passion is to provide tools for personal growth and empowerment. As an accomplished reviewer, Martine’s website contains many book recommendations covering a variety of important topics.

Marie Waldrep – Author, Ambassador & Spokesperson – Ending Domestic and Sexual Abuse

Marie Waldrep is an advocate for survivors of abuse, with an emphasis on sexual abuse, incest, and domestic violence. Marie is an international spokes-person and Ambassador for ReFo , an organization dedicated “To Promote Action – Change The Face of Abuse” world-wide. Marie’s website offers a myriad of tools and resources for parents/guardians and for survivors of all ages. Her critically acclaimed book of poems, A Voice That Has Spoken From Within, is a personal memoire.

Judy Herzanek – Changing Lives Foundation

Judy and Joe Herzanek have been providing substance abuse counseling and solutions to families in need for over 30 years. Joe and Judy’s website contains a wide spectrum of healing services and tools. Their powerful book, Why Don’t They Just Quit, is must read for parents/guardians whose children are caught in the throes of addiction.

Jeff Hodges – Youth Empowerment Speaker

Jeff Hodges is the founder of Young Men’s Perspective, a multi-media organization dedicated to motivate and transform the lives of Young Future Business Leaders, High Achieving Youth, and At-Risk Youth. With his diverse background, Jeff has the ability to connect with youth authentically and passionately. Jeff’s empowering message to our youth is, “Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life”.

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