“Another Way ~ a novel”


I recommend Another Way for parents and all youth group leaders.

Another Way depicts the challenges our youth face regarding promiscuous sexual behaviors. And in this book, author Holli Kenley finds a way to offer a structured layout full of applicable life lessons and useful tools. For all practical purposes, I definitely recommend Another Way for parents and all youth group leaders. This book provides insightful information for such an extremely important and essential part connected to today’s youth by giving options in how to make better decisions.

Jeff Hodges
Youth Empowerment Speaker

An emphasis on values

Holli Kenley has written yet another award-winning book – Another Way… a powerful book that must be read by pre-teens and teenagers. As her story resonates strongly with my experiences during those formative years of discovery, I appreciate Holli’s emphasis on values and implementing those values through connections with like-minded friends, through youth groups which provide support. I highly recommend Another Way and also encourage parents to read this book to provide a deeper connection and compassion for what our children experience in their lives.

Nancy Ferrari
Nancy Ferrari Media

Holli Kenley has done it again with this practical, entertaining, and bold book.

My adolescent clients are often bombarded with multiple mixed messages about sexuality, self-worth, and decisions about relationships. Another Way is an indispensable book for teens and those who care about them to communicate and make crucial life decisions about sex and relationships.

Jill Osborne

…Consistently engaging.

Well written, beautifully paced, and consistently engaging. This heart-warming story takes us on an emotional journey with two teenage girls, growing up in a modern society surrounded by social pressure to embark on a sexual relationship, before they are ready. The novel sensitively explores teenage friendship, sexual relationships, and self-esteem. In a world rife with underage sex and teenage pregnancies, this book gives young people a chance to see there is Another Way to express love: through mutual respect and trust. This is an invaluable addition to any young person’s bookshelf.

Martine Johnson
Child & Adolescent Wellbeing Mentor

…would benefit any child who is starting out in middle or high school.

Holli Kenley beautifully shares in Another Way how young people can embrace confidence and self-empowerment as they find their way through the challenges of the teen years. Amanda and Chloe’s tough choices demonstrate a sensitive look at the benefits of knowing and respecting yourself first. The book shares practical and effective tools which help create a road map to making the best decisions possible. This is a remarkable book and one that would benefit any child who is starting out in middle or high school.

Cathy Taughinbaugh
Parent Coach

A source of encouragement.

Kenley’s novel ANOTHER WAY is one of those great reads that is sure to find an audience with readers of all ages, becoming a source of encouragement for those who feel as though past decisions will keep them from enjoying future success and happiness. Through the decisions facing the character Chloe, we are reminded of those that we face each and every day. The way we respond to them can have lasting effects, and that is what ANOTHER WAY reminds us…If you have ever had any doubt as to what is possible just by choosing to forgive yourself and finding the will to move forward, then this is a book that should definitely be on your reading list.

Cyrus Webb
Host of Conversations LIVE and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine & TOP 500 and VINE VOICE REVIEWER

Another Way introduces our young readers to a new way of thinking.

Another Way speaks to the reader on many different levels. This is the account of a young girl (Chloe) and her struggles to truly love herself. We’re drawn into her world of casual sex, peer pressure, and living with lies. We feel her pain and rejoice with her as she searches to find Her Way.

This story draws you in, to experience life as a teen today.  Another Way introduces our young readers to a new way of thinking. Through self-discovery and self-empowerment, Chloe learns there truly is Another Way—a way to stand strong with honesty and personal integrity—an inspiration for young, as well as older readers.

Judy Herzanek
Changing Lives Foundation