The Recovering Process

And How It Relates To YOU! oceanblue You have probably heard that recovery is a process or a journey.  This is true.  You may have experienced that recovery is not a continual diagonal slope upward, but a pathway of ups and downs or of valleys and peaks.  This is true. Where my work differs from other experts is that each book or teaching of mine is a roadmap for recovering. What does that mean?

  • It means that your recovering is not static. It does not stop and start. It is continual with a clear way to begin and with precise direction on how to proceed.
  • It means that your recovering takes work! The “ing” at the end of the word “recover”  means that it is a VERB. Reading my works will not make you feel good or better. However, putting yourself to work by implementing specifically tailored activities and exercises will arm you with the tools you need to reclaim and sustain your wellness.
  • It means that there is strong theoretical planning and therapeutic intention behind each of my works. There is a purpose behind working on your cognitive (thinking) and behavioral (acting) processes first. By addressing your thinking and their underlying beliefs or assumptions, we can begin to change how you are feeling. By giving you specific behavioral tools to implement, we can begin to restructure your responses so that they are healthy and healing. This, too, will change how you feel.

It is NEVER too late to start your Recovering!

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