Kenley’s Keys for Unlocking Betrayal 

Did you know BETRAYAL can be experienced in many ways?

  • Lies, Deception, Rejection, Abandonment
  • Abuse, Trauma, Violence, Crime
  • Shattered Beliefs, Broken Trusts, Unveiled Secrets

Did you know that when you are BETRAYED you will experience 3 extremely painful STATES OF BEING?

  • A STATE OF CONFUSION where no one and nothing makes sense.
  • A STATE OF WORTHLESSNESS where you feel robbed of what you had and redefined from who you were.
  • A STATE OF POWERLESSNESSS where you feel controlled by your circumstances or that you are spinning out of control trying to regain the life you had before the betrayal.

How do you begin to UNLOCK your pain?

  • I understand that it may difficult right now to trust or believe in anyone or anything else, but there is one person who deserves your investment – YOU. Work on yourself first; heal your wounds.  And then, YOU will be in a well and whole place as you start to reach out to others.
  • If you have been betrayed and are still struggling, I recommend starting with Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering The Peace Within. It is an interactive self-help recovery book.  Read it slowly and thoroughly.  Complete the pre-assessments and the exercises in every chapter. Do not move on to the next chapter until you have completed the post-assessment and scored an 8-10.  Let me know how you are doing as you right yourself!
  • Visit my blog  where I will be posting healing tips and strategies for working through betrayal as well as other issues.
  • Listen to one of my interviews on betrayal where you can get additional insight and perspective into the topic of betrayal.

Now is YOUR time!

Many people are betrayed and in many different ways. Yes, it often involves a spouse, relative, or friend, but betrayal can happen anywhere with anyone. A betrayer can be an individual from work, or from a place of worship, a business, a social group or club. A betrayal can happen in a relationship with a thing: a financial institution, the judicial or educational system, or in a place of employment or of service. A betrayal occurs when an expectation is not met, a role model falls below a standard, or when a secret is made known. Any of these examples constitutes a redefining of our truths and of ourselves; any of these can cause us enormous pain.

When we are betrayed, we go through 3 States of Being.

If you have heard of the “Stages of Grief”, this is similar, except that these three states actually define who we are. The first State of Being is Confusion. Life is uncertain. We want to know why we have been betrayed, and we desperately want to make sense out of something that does not make sense. Next, we move into the State of Worthlessness – an extremely painful state. During this State, we realize we are not as important as we believed, and we are not as valuable as someone or something else. Lastly, we experience the State of Powerlessness – a frightening State of Being. We come to full awareness that our lives have been drastically altered.  We feel controlled and changed by our betrayal; we try desperately to change or control what has happened to us. Learning about the 3 States of Being is the first step to understanding our betrayal and to breaking through it. We don’t want to get caught in the trap of “victimization.”

We absolutely have a right to be a victim and to feel that someone else should make it right for us. But the longer we remain in that mindset, we hold our healing hostage to our betrayer. When we are betrayed, everything feels out of our control – and many times it is.  But we have one thing in our power – to right ourselves. 

Grab the Keys and Get started today!

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