Cyber Bullying

Kenley’s Keys for Unlocking Cyber Bullying

Parents, Guardians, Youth, and Community… Did you know?

  • One in five children will be cyber bullied.
  • Many bullies are victims first.
  • The more proficient young people become at technology and the more time they spend with electronic communication, the more at rick they are for being targeted.
  • Many adults spend very little time teaching their children safe on-line behaviors: some parents have no guidelines what so ever.

How do you begin to UNLOCK some PROTECTIVE STRATEGIES?

  1. Know WHY you are giving your child access to a piece of technology. State the reasons to your child. Peer pressure should never be a reason.
  2. Give your child age appropriate access to technology. With use of technology comes responsibility. If your child is too young to understand the risks of utilizing the device, wait giving it to him until he is older.
  3. Clearly explain the rules and expectations about the use of technology. There are rules? YES!!!
    • What is it to be used for?
    • How often can it be used?
    • When and where is it not to be used?
    • What costs are being incurred? Who will pay?
    • Who or what may be contacted? Who or what may not be contacted?
  4. Establish “an internet use agreement” with your children. An agreement? YES!! This is MANDATORY!! We are talking about the safety of your kids. Here is an example you can download:
  5. Monitor the use of the technology.

What else can you do RIGHT NOW?

  • Parents and guardians, there is a great deal of helpful information available to you. I’ve synthesized a manageable number of tools to incorporate into your daily lives into a booklet entitled Cyber Bullying No More; Parenting A High Tech Generation. ( The parenting strategies will cover three areas of importance: Protection, Intervention, and Prevention. Get it, read it, and implement the tools now!
  • Visit my blog (cyber bullying no more) where I will continue to post practical tools for protection, intervention, and prevention of cyber bullying.
  • If you are not familiar with the Internet or the cyber world, start getting educated today! For ten minutes a day, sit down with your children and have them teach you about their cyber life. You will not regret it!
  • Let your children know that you are present and available for them. Put down your technology and listen!

 This is a TEAM EFFORT!  I am excited to do MY PART!

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