Kenley’s Keys for Unlocking Relapse


Did you know these painful truths about RELAPSE?

  • Relapse is debilitating.  It is filled with shame, self-blame, self-doubt, denial, disguise, and detachment.
  • When we relapse, we let go of our healing truths, and we lose ourselves.
  • Relapse is not selective. It touches anyone who has returned to or regressed into a pattern of behavior that is unhealthy or unsafe.

“Don’t stay too long in the shame-filled grounds of relapse. Fertile soil awaits your return and your recovering.” ~ Holli Kenley

How do you begin to UNLOCK the GRIP that RELAPSE  has on you?

  • Get a copy of Mountain Air!  It is for any individual who has experienced (or is experiencing) relapse and who is fighting to find his way back.
  • Take this journey with me and join in the recovering process!  You are not alone!
  • Actively participate in the exercises at the end of each chapter that will guide you through the process of recovering!
  • Let my time-tested lessons encourage and motivate you to reclaim your healing truths and then learn how to sustain them!

A Fresh Look at the Topic of Relapse!  

Without condemnation but with passion and purpose, Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back… One Breath at a Time speaks to individuals who have lost their healing truths… and who are fighting to reclaim them!

frontcover4Take A Look Inside ! (PDF) To read the following:

  • Title Page
  • Praises  for Mountain Air
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction


Mountain Air:

  • Connects with any individual who has returned to or regressed into a pattern of behavior that is unhealthy or unsafe.
  • Embraces those individuals who have abandoned their authentic ways of being for a life of personal neglect, of indulgence, or of self-destruction.
  • Speaks to the addict who has lost his sobriety, to the abused who has returned to her abuser, or the codependent who has given up his resources once again to rescue the uncontrollable.
  • Reaches out to individuals who have maintained a life of stability and wellness, but who have found themselves eroding over time, disappearing, and losing their sense of self and of spirit.

“Deep down inside, each of us knows our truths. It is forgivable to lose them. It is unforgivable not to reclaim them.”

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